The FDRNR took over the running of this superb local nature reserve in 2000 and have achieved amazing things in the last 17 years, building ponds and paths, new wrought iron gates and railings, signage and two magnificent green-oak timber garden buildings, one with a living roof, the other based on the oldest lychgate in the country and roofed in reclaimed Welsh slate, as well as restoring and enhancing many aspects of the wildlife habitat. We inherited a 30ft square temporary classroom which was installed in the 1970’s and has served us well for 40 years, but is very close to the end of its life. 

We want to create a sustainable, low energy building using timber, and which can be partly constructed by volunteers and timber building enthusiasts. The building will be used to support the Nature Reserve's environmental, education, community and musical activities and events.

By supporting us in our fund raising you get an amazing community space. It can be used for everything from yoga to bird watching. Without you there is no hut, there is no community.

UPDATE 17 Oct 2016 - We were successful in our application to the Ward Assembly for seed funding to kickstart the planning of the new Education Centre - watch this space!

UPDATE 17 September 2018 - We have started Crowd Funding for our our building. Thanks to a successful grant application we already have the plans produced by a professional architect. We now need to lay the first foundation stone (or stick!) on the site. This requires far more detailed work to get us through planning. With planning permission, funding to build will be easier. We need £25,000 to take us beyond making a planning application.