North meadow

This meadow is most colourful in late spring and early summer. Yellow loosestrife grows in the drainage ditch here. Bloody cranesbill, agrimony, marjoram and greater knapweed may also be found in the meadow.

Away from the railway line is a sessile oak, distinguished from the English oak by its stalked leaves and stalkless acorns.

Central meadow

Wild flowers include rosebay willowherb, vetches, wild carrot, parsnip, ox-eye daisies, zig-zag clover and michaelmas daisies. The yellow flowering and prickly gorse and stinking iris can be found near the railway line.

In mid to late summer, the southern hawker dragonfly may be seen here hunting for flying insects.

southern meadow

There are prominant ant hills here made by the yellow meadow ant, a favourite food for green woodpeckers. Lizards also use this area for foraging and sunning themselves