Saturday 7th July  1.00 pm - 10.30 pm

A day full of live Country, Folk, Americana, Blues, TexMex and Latino music in South London's hidden natural paradise with quality food stalls, bar and cask ales by the East London Brewing Company. There's food to fill you up and drinks to cool you down. Bring your family, friends and picnic blanket.

We do not accept credit cards at the nature reserve so please bring cash for the tickets, food and drink. As we are a not-for-profit group run by volunteers we’ve kept pricing as reasonable as possible. Any money made on this event will go to maintaining the Nature Reserve and providing educational events for the local community.

Tickets are available from

  • Family Ticket - £30.00 
  • All ages - £12.00 
  • 3-17 years - £6.00 

Festival in the Forest - Football's coming Home!

We’ll be showing the England Vs Sweden match at our event for anyone who wants to keep score.

Live music acts include:


Country pop and Americana by a London band.


Sweet folk acustics.


Latin and salsa band playing tropical music.


Heart felt blues. 


English country rockers.


Americana and country music.

Eva successfully funded the recording of her latest folksy album on Kickstarter.


london-based folk, Americana and Bluegrass band.


Sweet harmonies and acoustic.


Soulful folk music.

Watch the Menelik Claffey Quartet playing at Festival in the Forest 2017

Liam Barr and other acts performing.

Festival Menu:

Meals £4.00

  • Slow cooked Roast Pork served in a wrap with Apple sauce and crisp lettuce. 
  • BBQ Chicken thigh served in a wrap with salad and sweet chili sauce. 
  • Spicy Lamb Kofte Kebab with salad, pickles and mint/coriander sauce. 


  • Home-made Falafels served in a wrap with cucumber and dill salad and mint/coriander sauce. 
  • Roasted Vegetables with humus and salad in a wrap.  
  • Home-made Onion Bajias served in a wrap with salad and mint/coriander sauce. 

Chef’s Special £6.00

Your choice of:

  • 1 Meaty, 2 Veggie, humus, salad, hot bread and sauce.  
  • 3 Veggie, humus, salad, hot bread and sauce.

Grand Combo £8.00

  • 2 Meaty, 2 Veggie, humus, salad, hot bread and sauce.

Snacks £2.00

  • Home-baked Sausage Roll. 
  • Humus with hot bread. 
  • Falafels with mint/coriander sauce. 
  • Onion Bajias with mint/coriander sauce. 

Home-baked cakes and biscuits. Prices as marked.
Menu to come.

Festival in the Forest 2018